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For inquiries call: Melodie Koukol

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While we appreciate all of our customers, we can not allow clients to come into contact with our flock for disease control. We are grateful for your understanding in this matter.


1713 Hobe Road, Woodstock, IL 60098, US

(815) 236-3338


Monday - Friday: Call  ahead for pickup

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Why Our Eggs?


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We have a unique approach as to how we raise and maintain our chickens, so the end results and some of the bi-products are extraordinary.


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We stand out because of all the little "extras" we do to provide the best nutrition for the chickens both in winter  and in summer. Their diets change with the cold and the inability to forage outside when the temperatures drop. We have found ways to give them all they need for great health; without antibiotics, wormers or GMO's.


Get REALLY Excited!!!!

We don't cut corners, in fact, we go far above and beyond what general standards are for raising chickens. We are licensed by the state of Illinois, so we have to prove everything we say and are subject to random inspections from the State of Illinois. We have been making homemade Kefir and homemade Kombucha for over 20 years so it was a natural transition to start giving it to our chickens for the added natural probiotics it gives. When you are holistic and try to stay close to nature, your animals are prone to disease and illness so boosting their immune systems is vital for their maintained health. We also have them on a fresh fodder system so in the winter when they can not go out and get fresh green grass, we are sprouting beans, barley, legumes, etc. (all non GMO) for them so they get fresh sprouted micro-greens all winter long. It gets even better: We went to Arkansas last year to purchase a worm farm so we could provide the chickens with more real, live Amino Acids in winter (most chickens do not thrive in winter and lose vitamins and minerals) so we are now giving them worms we are harvesting for them. Worms are VITAL to a chickens diet. The worm casings go into our fodder system and give the chickens added probiotics AGAIN from the casings in the water. Our worms are also fed non GMO feed.

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